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We aggressively handle whatever type of accident or personal injury matter you have been involved in. Having served countless accident victims in the Tampa Bay, Florida and Boston, Massachusetts areas, we understand this can be a stressful time! At Kravitz Law Group, you will receive prompt, honest and personal attention to your needs. Using our resources can help bring you peace of mind. 

Always fighting for Justice! Receive the compensation you are entitled. We are experienced, persistent, and ready to win for you.


Personal Injury
Auto Accidents
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Our services

Kravitz Law Group has practiced law in St. Petersburg since 1998, handling hundreds of auto accident cases throughout Pinellas, Pasco, Manatee and Sarasota Counties.

Our Practice Areas

At Kravitz Law Group, P.A., our primary goal is to make every client whole through proper treatment and compensation. Our firm provides a full spectrum of legal services in state and federal court throughout Florida, for clients who have been injured through the negligence of others. Attorneys Ed Kravitz and Jovita Kravitz have over 40+ years of combined experience in injury law, litigation, and civil trials. Our firm is devoted to providing quality legal representation and personal attention to each and every client. An attorney handles each case from start to finish, whether that means settlement or trial. We co-counsel with attorneys throughout the country, and attorney Jovita Kravitz is also licensed to practice in Massachusetts and New York.

Kravitz Law Group’s persistence and expertise has successfully delivered on hundreds of personal injury claims, with maximum payouts for clients.Car accidents can be traumatic, and can happen to absolutely anyone – even the safest of drivers.

Sometimes, it doesn’t matter how safe a driver you are, there are always drivers on the road who are careless and who have the potential to cause serious accidents. You may be left with serious injuries and medical expenses, and an insurance company that does not want to pay for those claims – even though you are not at fault. It is the insurance company’s goal to pay out as little as possible, if at all.

That is why an experienced attorney is so important to guide and protect you following an auto accident. With long-term experience communicating and collaborating with medical professionals, our legal team knows how to present the medical realities of your case at trial – and to get you the right compensation.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a car accident, call the skilled attorneys at Kravitz Law Group, P.A. for a FREE consultation concerning your legal rights. Call Kravitz Law Group Today: 888-KLG-9998 (888-554-9998).

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    A serious car accident can have massive ramifications on those in the vehicle, and family members too. If you are fortunate enough to survive, you may have to bear to the burden of costly hospital stays, rehabilitation, and even a slew of surgeries (think of spinal cord injuries which can often require continuous care for life). If you are unable to work as a result of extensive injuries, the impact of lost income on top of hospital bills can be incredibly stressful. Add to that the need to purchase a new vehicle. It is enough to bankrupt even a person of significant means.

    Thanks to the Florida automobile accident law, you have the right to compensation to cover medical costs and to replace damaged property resulting from a negligent driver’s actions. With the stress and time constraints that come with medical treatment, handling the insurance, legal, and financial aspects of the accident can be more than one person can handle. That is why you need the help of experienced Florida auto accident lawyers.

    If you or someone you care about has recently been injured in an accident caused by a drunk driver, or your family is grieving the sudden and tragic loss of a loved one, it is imperative that you speak with a highly-qualified personal injury attorney about the details of your situation.

    If you have also been injured in a bicycle accident, car accident, drunk driving accident, motorcycle accident, pedestrian accident, truck accident, or any other kind of accident, reach out to her.

    We will thoroughly investigate your Florida bike accident claim to determine liability; we will analyze the evidence, including photos, police reports, road conditions, construction site data, and property damage. Dedicated to your case, Kravitz Law Group will devote the time it takes to respond to you promptly and to represent you with the highest of standards. We want you to get the justice you deserve and to receive the monetary damages that help you through a devastating accident. Call us today to discuss your case.

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      At Kravitz Law Group we provide aggressive representation to clients throughout the state of Florida who have been injured from medical malpractice. We are very experienced and understand that medical malpractice cases can be much more complex than simpler automobile collision cases or other types of personal injuries.

      Malpractice can be difficult to prove in court. In order to prevail, we need to show that the healthcare provider failed to meet a reasonable standard of care and that this directly caused your injuries and damages. We consult with the best medical professionals, nurses, and physician experts to enable us to convincingly prove your case.

      Medical malpractice (negligence) occurs when physicians, healthcare providers, or hospital personnel make a medical error or mistake that falls below a reasonable standard of care, and when their negligence causes permanent disability, serious injury or death. There are clear standards set out for doctors and healthcare providers to ensure patients are cared for.

      If you are patient who is living with the effects of improper medical attention, or any other kind of medical malpractice, you may be living with unnecessary pain, or an unfavorable health or financial outcome. Such an experience can be confusing and traumatic.

      If you or a loved one has been injured because of medical malpractice, please contact the skilled civil trial attorneys at Kravitz Law Group, P.A., for a free consultation regarding your legal rights.

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        The death of a family member is an extremely traumatic and painful experience. This can become even more so when negligence was to blame for their death, and the accident was avoidable. If you have lost a loved one, know that we care and that we are here to help.

        Time and time again, we represent families whose worlds have been turned upside down by the sudden and needless loss of a loved one. Our job is to reduce the financial stress put on a grieving family who has been left with medical bills, funeral costs, and the loss of income. While no amount of money can replace the loss of a loved one, we are thankful that Florida law allows for compensation that can protect families left behind after a wrongful death.

        Wrongful death law is complex – only use a personal injury lawyer with long-standing, proven experience in such cases. Losing a loved due to the negligence of another can lead to a life-time of pain and difficulties. At Kravitz Law Group, we take extra care to protect you and your family from legal stresses so that you can grieve as you need to, and manage the other aspects of your life that need your attention.

        Kravitz Law Group has years of experience helping wrongful death clients get what they are rightly owed. We pursue each case with diligence, strength, and assertiveness – vigorously arguing the facts and relentlessly pushing the evidence back at the opposition. We work to win and to bring your family justice and maximum compensation. Call Kravitz Law Group today for a free consultation concerning your rights and the legal options for your case.

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          When you choose a nursing home for your loved one, it is often because they need continuous, professional care. They may be vulnerable or frail, and the cost of care can be huge – you should be able to expect that your family member will receive dignified support, without question.

          Nursing home abuse, most often in the form of neglect, is becoming far too common for comfort. It can be hard to identify negligent care in nursing home settings, especially if an individual is not fully aware of all that happens around them. High staff turnover, low pay and poor working conditions, combined with slack training can mean that your loved one is neglected. The problems may stem from negligent management, especially if abuse occurs over extended periods of time.

          Also, there is a greater amount of institutional and individual abuse, mostly in the form of neglect in assisted living facilities. Undertrained and overwhelmed, some well-meaning staff may not be able to meet the needs of your elderly loved one leading to emotional and physical neglect. There are also unfortunate cases of deliberate physical, mental, and emotional abuse. Some 30% of nursing homes have had cases brought against them for abuse. In a government study, nine thousand patients were victims of nursing home malpractice and five thousand of these patients’ deaths were related to malpractice.

          If you suspect your loved one has been maltreated by a care professional or as a result of a facility-wide problem, you may well have a case. Speak with Kravitz Law Group, a nursing home abuse lawyer, St. Petersburg, as soon as possible to learn about your and your loved one’s rights – we can help you secure the crucial evidence you need, and will protect your rights from the second we take your case.

          Not only are we helping you gain justice and compensation, but we also hope that our efforts will help improve the living standards for all those in assisted living care. Call Kravitz Law Group today at (813) 626-1234, to share your loved one’s experience, to discuss the evidence, and to learn of your rights. No one should ever have to be a victim of nursing home negligence.

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            Have you been injured or impaired as a result of a product defect? Or had an accident occur on business properties. You might have a right to damages to cover your extensive expenses, lost wages, medical treatments, and emotional suffering.

            Defects can happen in the manufacturing process, in the design process, or as result of failing to warn consumers of any risks involved in using a product. Asbestos defects are probably the most well-known of product liability cases, though risk exists in all consumer products.

            Also, accidents occurring on business properties are most likely covered by commercial insurance, while most homeowner’s insurance cover accident claims made for accidents occurring in private homes. Some types of premises liability cases include exposed holes or potholes in common areas, broken escalators or elevators, falling objects, wet or slippery floors, substance on floors, broken or loose handrails, inadequate lighting, insufficient security, and uneven, raised, or cracked walkways.

            Our premises and product liability lawyers in Tampa, provide aggressive representation to clients throughout the state of Florida who have been injured in premises accidents. At Kravitz Law Group, our attorneys have experience in product liability and premises liability, as long-standing representatives of both individual and class-action cases, serves to represent you with an absolute commitment to high-quality legal representation. If you, or your loved one, have been injured after using a product or injured in a premise accident, contact us for a full appraisal of your rights.

            From the outset of our professional relationship, we will inform you of your rights, and seek the financial compensation your injuries and suffering deserve. With solid legal representation protecting your rights, we will persist in aggressively obtaining for you what you deserve.

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              Happiness woman smiling casual studio portrait
              Personal Representative
              I retained the services of the Kravitz Law Firm. I was impressed with the amount of time spent with us, Jovita’s knowledge of the numerous legal issues at hand, and the level of compassion she showed. Jovita was extremely knowledgeable in the many facets of our case and defended our loved one in truth. She was determined in defending our case and her defense of our loved one commanded attention due to her effective delivery. Justice prevailed for our loved one and I am grateful to Jovita and the Kravitz Law Firm for their patience, diligent work, and their personal support of our case.
              Ted Edward
              At a time in which we were dealing with great sadness, grief, numerous medical situations, and of course raw emotions, Jovita and Ed were patient, walked us through the process every step of the way, and answered our numerous questions and concerns. Kravitz Law Firm communicated with us in a timely manner and provided a level of personal care and legal background that was much appreciated. Our case was well represented with powerful expert witness testimony and effective research. Justice prevailed and I recommend the firm to anyone who needs a lawyer.
              I was involved in a car accident that left me in a wheelchair, unable to work and worried about how I was going to deal with everything that was happening. Kravitz Law Group attorneys were professional, knowledgeable and empathetic. My case settled in a timely fashion and I am happy with the settlement I got. Now even though I’m no longer her client, Jovita follows up to check on my recovery. If I need the services of an attorney again, I would hire them again without hesitation.


              Michele Beckman Tuegel
              Integrity is the true hallmark of this law group. I am especially impressed because they also volunteer their time and professional acumen to assist many non-profits and other organizations they believe in.
              Tara Trinkle Arick
              Creative Heads Inc.
              Jovita is a very intelligent attorney! Definitely a great law practice.
              Lori & Husband
              When my husband was hit by a car while riding his motorcycle, we had to deal with his recovery due to the intensity of his injuries, and the driver of the car was irate, unreasonable and just downright rude. Kravitz Law Group handled our case with personal care and attention. Jovita was professional, prompt and courteous. But beyond that, she was sensitive to the emotional turmoil my husband and I were both in and handle the case with care as well as speed. We highly recommend Kravitz Law Group and have since referred them to numerous friends and family members who all had excellent experiences using their legal services.

              Our Attorneys

              Attorneys Jovita Kravitz and Ed Kravitz have over 40+ years of combined experience in injury law, litigation, and civil trials. They go the extra mile to ensure clients are receiving the most appropriate care for their injuries, from PIP, property damage and lost wage claims, to monitoring their medical treatment.
              Ed Kravitz, Esq.

              Founding Attorney

              Jovita Kravitz, Esq.

              Personal Injury Attorney

              If you have any legal problem in your life …

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              Our Promise To You

              We will personally handle your case. We will help you obtain the most appropriate medical treatment. We will fight aggressively for the full value of your claim. And you won’t pay us fees or cost until we WIN.

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              At Kravitz Law Group, you will receive prompt, honest and personal attention to your needs. Call: 888-KLG-9998 (888-554-9998).



              It costs you absolutely nothing to learn more about your rights and what options you have to help you cover your costs.



              We have over 40+ years of combined experience in injury law, litigation, and civil trials. We give your case the dedication you DESERVE by working tirelessly TO WIN your case.

              Asked Questions


              • Pull over to a safe location and call 911 if someone appears to be seriously hurt. If no one appears to be hurt, call the local police non-emergency number.
              • Get the other driver’s name and insurance information as well as the names and phone numbers of any witnesses who stop to help.
              • Take photos of the damage to your vehicle, the other vehicle, and the scene.
              • See a doctor or chiropractor right away.
              • Do not give any statements to any insurance companies (including your own) before speaking with an attorney. You should only call your insurance company to report the accident.
              • Do not sign any documents from any insurance companies without consulting a lawyer.
              • Call an experienced personal injury/auto accident attorney right away.




              • You should go to the ER, urgent care or a chiropractor ASAP if you experience any pain or discomfort whatsoever after a car accident.
              • If you do not see a doctor or chiropractor right away, you may lose critical insurance benefits.
              • For example, Florida law requires that you get medical care within 14 days of the accident; otherwise you will not be entitled to ANY of your $10,000 personal injury protection (PIP or no-fault) benefits under your auto insurance.



              Your auto insurance (PIP) will cover your initial medical expenses (in Florida that’s 80% of medical bills up to $10,000, and in Massachusetts that is 100% of medical bills up to $8,000).

              Yes; all of our consultations are free.

              Our fees are based on a percentage of the amount we recover for you in a settlement or jury verdict following a trial in court. You won’t pay anything for fees or costs unless we settle or win your case!

              • Our offices are conveniently located throughout the Tampa Bay area in Florida, including St. Petersburg, Clearwater, Brandon and Tampa, as well as in the Boston, Massachusetts area in Harvard Square, Cambridge.
              • Additionally, we can arrange to meet you at a more convenient location or discuss your case by phone.

              Contact us anytime for additional information by calling 888-KLG-9998 (888-554-9998) or filling out our online contact form, which goes directly to our email right away.

              We are here to help you.

              PAY NOTHING Unless WE win Your case!