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31 Jan: Florida Ranked Worst for Safe Driving Laws

Advocates for Highway & Auto Safety, a national group of consumer, medical, public health, law enforcement, and safety groups and insurance companies and agents working together to improve road safety in the U.S., recently found that Florida only has 6 out of 16 laws designed to keep drivers, passengers and motorcyclists safe. This lack of adequate safety regulations causes preventable crashes and deaths, and costs Floridians $13 million each year.

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29 Aug: Protect Yourself—Get UM Coverage on Your Car Insurance!

UM provides benefits to innocent motorists who are injured due to the negligence of uninsured drivers. While you may be tempted to waive UM coverage to save a little money, you are taking a big risk and may wind up paying hundreds of times more for medical expenses and lost wages if you are hit by another driver with no insurance.